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What’s Tearing You Up?

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How to Write Poetry and Live Poetically

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Assignment: Declutter your life

Stop the World, I Want to Get Off

Stop the World, I Want to Get Off

You’ll find a decluttering exercise at the blog post “Sister Alma Rose: Porch Time.” This exercise is your assignment. You don’t have to send me the table, all filled out with the I’s crossed and the T’s dotted, or is it the other way around? No—just send me a paragraph or two (about fifty words) on whether the exercise and accompanying text helped you rethink your priorities. If so, how? If not, why not?

(You’ll find a colorful diagram of Abraham Maslow’s famous “Hierarchy of Needs,” amended to include an obvious oversight on Maslow’s part—to wit, the necessity of CHOCOLATE. )

Please e-mail me your assignment at Mary@LifeIsPoetry.net. Thanks!

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