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Born in 1947

Levi Strauss, presciently, invented Levi's for the express purpose of being worn by Richard Gere in LOOKING FOR MR. GOODBAR

Click HERE: 20100606-Born_in_1947

IF YOU WERE BORN IN 1947, or if you’re hip to pop culture from the 1950s through the 1980s, you’ll relate. Otherwise, it’ll probably be about as entertaining as Xenophon’s Agesilaus.
Written just before my 60th birthday, a little over four years ago, Born in 1947 includes my plan for navigating the coming decade… modeled after constructing the seam on a pair of Levi’s, one stitch at a time. BEWARE: Glancing at the document this afternoon, I found a typo. Couldn’t fix it because I no longer have PageMaker, the original software.

3 responses

  1. Janice Pelecky Stultz- McNeill | Reply

    Dear Mary, I love reading your blog – you are an amazing writer. I especially enjoy feeling like your words could be mine (sort of an alter ego thing) – but for some reason I’m not able to read this one. I’m a self taught computer “idiot”. My first exposer wasn’t until I was 60 and already on the downhill brain cell track. I think – no, I know, I’ve screwed up my adobe thing (what ever it’s called) so that may be the problem. Is there another option? Janice

    1. Thanks, Janice! You’ve already made my day and it’s only 2:20 a.m. You can’t open the attachment? I’ll just print it out and send it to you.

  2. Janice — I have printed this for you and need only your mailing address. -Mary

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