Poem G — ‘Haunting’



Better Than a Poke in the Eye
with a Sharp Stick

To help my friend and colleague Queen Jane Approximately decide which of my poems to submit to publications and contests, I am posting  ten of my particular favorites — poems A through J (yes, I had to count off the letters on my fingers). I’d like your comments as we go along and, in particular, when all ten have appeared, your ranking. Which do you like best (10 points)? Least (1 point — I can’t bear the thought of getting Zero points)?

Sun-tea jar

Sun-tea jar; photo by Meredith, http://modcottage.com

Dear Jane: Thank you so much for submitting work to Straylight. We would like to congratulate Mary on the acceptance of her poem “Sun Tea,” which we enjoyed very much. Several members of our editorial staff continue to be “haunted” (a direct quote!) by the lovely clarity of her language….

* * *


* * *

Sun Tea

When I was the mother of young
children, every summer morning I
made sun tea in a gallon jar filled
nearly to the brim with clear well
water, and set it near the porch so
as to sketch the season in my
memory and not let pass without
a grateful thought those long,
warm days and small, bare feet…
reason enough and more, the
timeless alchemy of linking
the deep river with the earth
and open sky and drinking it
with lemon… being put in
mind of how the great wheel
turns, and that things happen
in their time and not
before it or beyond…
reason enough and more,
just as it ought to be: for
I am much more fond
of children than I am
of tea.

* * *



4 responses

  1. Mary
    Wonderful. I too am “Reason and more, as it ought to
    be; for I am inordinately drawn to children..” but I love Sun tea and friends!
    Have a blessed Day.
    In Christ

    1. Thanks, Chuck. Makes me sad if I let it — I miss being the mother of little kids, when I ought to be grateful I had the opportunity. Plenty of grandchildren who need Grandma Mary’s full attention, not her nostalgia. Each time of life has its necessities and its huge blessings. Let’s see if I’m still saying that when I have cataract surgery. Warm and wonderful blessings to you…. Mary

  2. […] You can read the poem on one of Mary’s blogs, Write Light. […]

  3. This poem well deserved praise and publication. Beautiful!

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