Every Choice Creates a Future

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How to Write Poetry and Live Poetically

Free E-Course, Lesson 4.1 Assignment

Life is a series of choices, some wiser than others; some cautious, some reckless, some regretted sooner or later. We are advised, on the one hand, to be prudent and practical, on the other to “follow our dreams.” Most of us achieve some sort of balance between “wanting to” and “having to.” Sadly, some people toss their dreams aside and disregard their passions—for singing or dancing or traveling or becoming an entrepreneur….

If you had perfect freedom—that is, if money were no object and if you had no one but yourself to satisfy—how would you use your talents? Write one or two paragraphs—about 50 words—about the occupation you would choose if you didn’t have to be “practical.” If you’re already engaged in that occupation, describe it. E-mail your assignment to Mary@LifeIsPoetry.net. Submissions will not be graded but will be returned with comments.

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